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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  April 18, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> more armour americans jumping on the trump train or at least according to some polls. that's what we're looking at. as always, tweet us what's on your mind with the #5@6:30. president trump finishing is up his first # hyundais strong. a new poll shows 50 percent of voters approve of the job he has done, 50 percent disapprove. >> critics who say the president has under performed. a new pew research center poll says 7 percent of republicans and republican leaning independents say the president has formed of performed worse, 38 percent say better. i think it all depends on what poll you are
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politicians love to pick the polls that fit the narrative the most. the razz moussen polls you see more landlines which means you're going to get an older sample which means you'll find more people more amenable to president trump. that's his favorite poll. >> let's bring in michael star hopkins. >> let's talk about the polls. we see different polls. we know the president like the razz mousse in poll, but if we look the at today's gallop pole it found only 40 percent of of the president and 44 percent disapprove we can't dig too much into these polls until the president's legislation and actions have given time to really take effect. you remember president obama in 2008 constantly saying give it time, don't jump to conclusions about what kind of president i am until my legislation takes effect. i think
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important to remember here, but i think it also is important to remember people aren't changing their minds. people are stubborn when it comes to people's political beliefs. president trump is still polar icing. president trump could have had the biggest victory in american history and the media and many rotors to the left will say i still don't think this is a good idea and i think he's doing a poor job. i don't think we should take too much into account yet. some of the agenda ideas that the president said he was going to tackle l in the first 100 days and some of them doesn't go anywhere, does that affect the perception? a. it does. this president has come in with pole numbers lower than any president before him and we're seeing in the first 100 days donald trump trump has failed at getting healthcare legislation
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legislation is going to be push into 2018. it's a struggle. gallop believes that 45 percent of all americans don't believe he can bring about the change he promised. more americans approve of what he's doing. do you think we're seeing sort of a trend up maybe because of the action that he's been taking recently in syria and this tough talk about north korea rnlgt i don't think it's any mistake that mr. trum's pole numbers gone up after the attack on syria. the country does usually uniform around its president during war times. >> you have been on the ground for a couple elections in the past. there's an election going on as we speak for georgia for a congressional seat. this was tom price's old seat. that's a seat that's trend red for a long time, but the democrats with guy johns on hovnanian doesn't live in the district, but democrats are putting a lot
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basket. have you looked at this race. >> absolutely. almost $10 million has gone into this race on the left. and money is pouring in, but it's not pouring in from the district itself. i think it's important to remember these elections are easy to get pumped up. this is the rev end rev end up of president trump. the hill try supporters that just suffered a defeat in november are fired up and say we lost it's time for us to go out and make a difference. the voters of donald trump say we just won this big raisin are not empowered to go out. i don't think it's a huge telling sign of the way trump is doing as much as it is voter motivation levels. many people have made up their mind already and they're stubborn and regardless of what the poll numbers show, i agree with michael, president trump did fail in terms of
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said he said he was going to get done right away. he needs to convince voters seriously. get back to that and get to his core issues to keep people happy. all eyes watching that race nait. cab on the phillips, michael star hopkins, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> a blunt message from the homeland security. secretary kelly took aim at the critics on the trump administration immigration and terrorism. tom fitzgerald was in the room when it happened. tom, i understand that he came with a laundry list of facts to back up his words today. >>reporter: this was a really remarkable event, shawn and jim because so much of the attention that has been given to the homeland security and terrorism policies of the trump administration comes directly off of president trump's tweeter feed. we get back to the old saying, the signal in the north in a lot of ways,
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twitter feed is the noise. what we heard today was the signal. what are these policies actually focused on and aiming at? it's no secret this administration has stumbled badly at times in enacting some of these policies the travel ban, for example, was dashed in two different federal courts. they faced opposition on the border wall despite the fact that they stind r continued to want to go ahead and build that. they wanted to be very strong about wanting to crack they criticized thisnistration.- administration despite the fact that there has been a ground swell of people lately who saying they do want to see immigration laws that are already on the books inance force. enter former john kelly, take no prisoners, plain spoken in your face former marine general. h this is what he thatted to say today to critics of the trump administration policy. if law mairks do not like the laws
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that we are charged to enforce, that we are sworn to enforce then they should have the courage and the skill to change those laws. others wise they should shut up and support the men and women on the front lines. >> yeah. he said that. kelly also went onto point out that even in this short amount of time that the trump administration has been in office they've had success on curtailing the illegal immigration just by the the things they've been saying. they say border encouragement has been down 30 percent. they admitted they haven't been able to do all the things they want to do. this is basically their rhetoric has caused this. he went onto talk about the representations of homeland security policy in the last three months and he said by and large he has a problem with it because he says many times the critics are attaching the
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possible motives for all of this. as to why these policies were created in the first place he says the bottom line is this according to general kelly they have a singular focus and that is keeping terrorism out of the united states. i can't tell you the number of phone calls i get from members of congress telling me about how we're refusing someone's entry at lax or at jfk because they're muslim or because they're arab. it's absolutely not true. we do it for a reason. you should applaud those men and women for doing what they do. >> jim and shawn he also took a few swipes at the obama administration as you might well expect. when he entered the homeland security department a couple of months that it was demoralized and a political pawn. now they have a new issue and a new dedication to enforcing the policies of this administration. >> that's a unique perspective wh t
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has only been around for 16 years, a little more than 15 years. there you have it. >> as you know, it is tax day. a little l certainty about president trump's documentic economic agenda. could be fueling some fears on wall street. a market analyst is back here on five 5@6:30 to bret down for you. >> how are you. >> good, thanks. >> give us an idea of how things are looking on wall street. >> i think investors forgot that wall treet is not a one way street and all of a sudden we started to get some bad news. it wasn't north korea and syria, there's electric torl change. back home we have a roadblock, the republican part is split and that's probably the biggest reason wall street slowed down its march. i also heard that the dollar weakened the day after the president was interviewed by the wall street
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dollar was getting too trong and that the you s will not declare china currency manipulator. did any of that have to do with the fees on what is going on on wall treet. >> generally a weaker currency isn't bad for strongs when they announced leaving the au. their stock market has been on fire. some countries like weaker currencies. it really helps the em ports. i think the real grid lock is the parties in washington. they're in the able to pass anything. the market ran up with full expectations of meaningful \tax\tacks reform somewhat due also for some infrastructure spending. we're not getting any of it. we're not getting an infrastructure reform and we're not getting meaningful \tax\tacks reform. washington on the legislative front needs to catch up to wall street and that's why i think you've seen wall street
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market pull back. back in 2000 when president bush ran he promised tanks reform and everybody got the three or $600 in 2008 president obama talked about the stimulus for infrastructure spending which went many different ways. was there a signature achievement that president trump wanted to see come in in terms of tax reform. >> when you compare it to those three or $600 rebate checks that you got from the bush administration this is massive compared to that. he wants to take down personal rates. he wants to take down corporate rates. i'm sure they'll close to loopholes, but this is going to be a huge stimulus for the economy if it passes and that's why you saw such a love affair from the stock market of he got elected. it helps the bottom line and everything you mentioned prior. it pales in comparison to what a huge tax cut could mean. repay the ronation that are held oversees by us c
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a great stimulus package if it passes. >> there's the keyword right there, if it passes. >> let's switch gears and talk about the weather in this middle of april. we had a nice day today. sue palka, i hope we can keep it going. i'll tell you what we have to mix things up a little bit. it's just been a beautiful day, l kind of day weigh don't get enough around here. we probably can leave the sunglasses at home tomorrow, maybe a few peaks here and there. but over there it's going to be a partly cloudy day it's also going to be a cooler day. and many places will stay in the low to mid 60s as opposed to the mid 70s that we had today. what about rain chances in there could be a few showers around, especially around the beltway area tomorrow afternoon, but not a lot. i think your better chance of seeing any rain may be in the morning along the i81 correspond dorks especially northern portion of it. as the showers try to get closer
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looks like a loft them are going to try out. and then we pop back to near 80-degrees on thursday. the sunnies back out i can't say we won't have a shower or two or even an isolated rumble of thunder on tuesday, but we're going to go a little bit blow average in a space of about 36 hours or so. so fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride. we want to know what you guys are thinking about what's going on, as always you can tweet us why using the hashtag, 5@6:30.
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>> welcome back, the montgomery county council is working to protect jewish schools and centers in the county. fox5's ronica cleary live in rockville with this one tonight. hi, ronica. >>reporter: hey, jim and shawn we are in montgomery county where the council members just approved
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that would go to various jewish schools and centers in the county that have received bomb threats. so we're in front of -- we're in front of the bender jcc of greater washington. according to the proposal, they would receive $25,000. now, the improvements to all of the locations that are being suggested, they include the installation of security cameras, bullet prove glass, improved locks on doors, a couple issueses that the council members addressed. the first was maybe the concern that might be brought up about the fact that these are private religious institutions that would receive, you know, taxpayer funds. now, the council members feel that when they're responding to issues like bomb threats that they're using the county police force to respond to those threats and in helping prove those improved security measures they could avoid the need for those county police to be called.
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councilman rice. he said that the measures that are being considered for this these private religious institutions they're also being considered at public county bilingsd and then finally i asked him about that recent alleged rape at rockville high school. what kind of measures are being considered at the public schools in montgomery county? listen to what he said those things are actually coming and so we're waiting for the propose l al present dr. smith and woal ' be providing a supplemental for that. they're just honing those together. i actually have a meeting with doctor smith tomorrow to talk through some of the details about some of the enhancements that will be recommended for all of our cools of we want to make hur that every single place that we have the ability to hoaltd responsibility of keeping the safety at the utmost that we have that addressed in all of our schools for all of our kids so there you have it. he's talking about the montgomery county superintendent, a meeting that they, i guess, have scheduled tomorrow where the
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to bring maybe proposed security measures to implement at those public schools. so really the take away from today's vote is so much more than just efforts being put in place by the council to improve security measures at these private jewish centers and schools, but real he efforts being put in place to improve security measures across the county. there you have it, back to you, jim and shawn. >> still ahead we're going to learn a little bit more about the final hours after hillary clinton, well, lost the election donald trump. we'll tell you what she said when she gave president obama a phone call on election night. after this.
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>> a brabd new book out today about hillary clinton's loss in the presidential race reveals what happens behind the scenes election light. jennifer alan and wrote the book shattered. according to the book president obama called her twice on election night, oe
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to concede after that first phone call she said, i'm sorry, mr. president, he called her back again a second time to console her and that's when the reality really set in that that was over because all along the polls were up that she was going to win. it goes about to what we talked about at the top of the show, president trump's polling numbers he was the first to say after election day, the polls were wrong. again it's about picking and choosing what works to advance your narrative and it works on both sides of the aisle. absolutely it does. the presidential election has been more than a white house victory for more than one memory of the trump victory. it was a fashion and business industry for ivanka trump. her clothing line, her sales hit record levels. her visibility popularity has risen. it all started at the republican national convention. she has the ultimate showcase to fashion and show her merchandise whether it's the a the convention o
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whether it's sitting in the situation room or whether it's in the white house or whether it's at mar-a-lago. to avoid a conflict ivanka you may recall put a business in a trust run by herein laws. someone else is running the company while she's in the white house. one local expert said it's not enough. you'll remember back in february nodder stram dropped her line. the day they had the meeting with the china her clothing line won three awards in china. we just dropped it, not for a little bit wall reasons, they were just not selling on our shelves. >> selling a little where else. are you looking for food and boost to ease the tax day pain. >> we have something for you. 5@6:30 coming right back as we head to
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>> we got a little break on tax day, but this is it. if you want a little bit of a deal out there there's certainly out there to be had. tax day deals on something special. thank you for having me. honor to be being here. today we are doing pasta day. today we are offering at the entire restaurant all of our pastas. most importantly at the bar day we have happy hour all day. basically what we have for you is all drinks 20 percent off, anything by the glass. $10 pasta, all drinks 20 percent objection to the form i'll show you some cocktails that we have on our menu to start out. this is
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from england. more dryer. that's a little bit of gin in there. >> we have a grand classic which in my opinion is a better version, less bitter, more floral. is this easy to make at home. >> for you. >> i try to make it as easy as possible. we have coconut which is by definition a vermuth. >> this has gained popularity over the last couple of years. >> a lot of people expanding to cocktails. we introduce amarrows which are a stable, spirnts every spirits from italy. we add a little bit of ice. >> you got to put the ice
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on the shape of the ice you use. >> no. honestly it depends park the bigger it is, obviously the less it's going to be diluted. >> so that's the cocktail itself. we're going to garnish it with a lttle bit of a lemon peel. >> this is a first here, i think. >> this is basically what it does. it acts like a per fume. >> very nice. i'm not going to lie to you, when you smell this tok tail and you think of fruit loops in your head. >> yes. >> i definitely do. >> let's finish up the other one. this is my apple crush. we add another one. twenty seconds to do a toast
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cheesier. any time. as you ter ma rin i, thanks for coming down. happy day.
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harvey: bradley cooper just had a baby, which did not stop him from making out with lady gaga. >> the two are on the set of "a star is born" and they're all over each other. >> if you're irina shayk looking on and the director yells cut! and there's like one second more and you're like -- harvey: and she's also vulnerable because she also gained probably three pounds in the pregnancy. >> oprah, she's walking out of a building and there's a break, some sort of glass bottle that hits the ground. it sounds like maybe a snapple bottle. harvey: why did you go to snapple? [laughter] >> rian johnson at l.a.x. the director from the new "star wars." harvey: oh, wow. >> it's like kim kardashian just arrived. he must have been signing for


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